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1. Murphy O.

Luckily I've always got an alibi handy for Sundays, I was at the all day happy hour drinking tiki drinks of course. Luxuriating in the comfy booths, bathing in the cool lighting and decor.

2. Laura T.

The atmosphere was a little dark to read the menu, but burgers were great and the waffle fries are awesome.

3. Tori And Gavin L.

Great place! Lots of space inside, the theme is so fun, the staff were all friendly. They have a parking lot, good prices, and some yummy food on the menu (we'll have to go back and try it). We went to watch karaoke, our group got a drink bowl and tried the slushies, too. Super fun all around!

4. Nicole D.

An iconic Portland must see. I haven't been in some time but it's always been a great vibe.

5. K L.

Teriyaki chicken was tender (bomb af in the words of my friend), rice was good but not as fluffy as i would like, Mac salad was creamy. Leilani volcano was not too strong and good if you prefer a sweeter drink with pineapple. Rain drink tasted like an alcoholic lemonade. Hurricane according to other friends said that it was a strong drink coming from someone who drinks 6% alcohol.Pina colada reminded me of haagen haas ice cream rum raisin flavor probably because of the rum. I liked the smooth consistency. Also the worker running tables was nice and let me know my phone dropped on the floor from my pocket wherei was sitting so yay thank you! The ambiance is nice dark with lights and tiki themed, i liked listening to people sing their lil hearts out since its a karaoke bar

6. Ploy N.

Heard about this establishment for a long time and finally got a chance to visit. Glad to report that it's as awesome as everybody says! I love the ambience and decor both inside and outside. You can't miss it from the interstate with the flashing bright sign. Inside was dim and cozy with Hawaiian arts and decors. Staffs were also A+, very friendly and hardworking. Their drinks were delicious! I tried the Zombie and was a big fan of its cinnamon-y profile. Their food was also honestly pretty decent. Everything was made fresh. Great portion and price as well. Their Waffle Fries were soso crispy. And, of course, the karaoke area was popping. So many great singers frequent the spot. It'd be fun to just come grab a drink and listen to other people as well. If you want to sing though, get your name in early. Totally would be back!

7. Nathaniel J B.

If you love urself a TIKI bar this is a good option!! May not be up to everyone's standards but definitely tiki lounge vibes!!! Great mixture of people and talent....! Yes talented karaoke vibes here so don't sleep on this one y'all!! Did I mention super booozy cocktails!!! Walk or take an Uber or Lyft is highly recommended and being open mind to chill and have fun!!

8. Nico B.

I'm finally getting around to writing reviews for some of my favorite old-school places in Portland. There are few businesses in the Rose City that are as iconic as the Alibi Tiki Lounge. In fact, it's such an important fixture in the tableau of weird and wonderful Portland, I'd suggest visiting at least once... regardless of what you read or hear from others. The kitsch is off the charts before you even walk through the door. One of my favorite things about this area are the historic neon signs that line Interstate avenue. At one time, Interstate was the primary route between Portland and Seattle. So it makes sense this stretch of the road is dotted with old school diners, motels and service stations. Do me a favor and visit at night so you can see the fabulous neon at Alibi and surrounding businesses in all their glory! Once inside, be sure to wander around and explore all the nooks and crannies in the lounge. The building is designed to provide lots of private booths and seating areas. My favorite tables and booths are in the circular elevated area immediately to the right of the entrance. Whimsical lighting, mirrors galore, and red tufted leather booths help set the tone. There's limited seating at the bar itself, but you'll find an area reserved for karaoke in the back, as well as plenty of outdoor seating. The menu boasts an impressive array of classic and inventive tiki cocktails served in kitschy mugs and embellished with tropical fruit, orchids and umbrellas. There is a wide variety of drinks available, but be sure to try one of their shareable "bowl" drinks, often arriving at the table engulfed in flames. I've honestly not eaten much from the food menu, despite many visits over the years. Their burger is bland, the fries are salty, and the nachos taste like cafeteria nachos. I've heard good things about the Pu Pu Platter, but do we really come here for the food? Please defer to other reviewers for an accurate recommendation. Megan G, an Elite reviewer from Sammamish, WA recommends the wings. I'll try those next time! Alibi Tiki Lounge is a delightful escape from the ordinary. It's a must-see attraction for tiki enthusiasts, and lovers of Portland history. Remember to drink responsibly and share your review here so others can learn about this fun and quirky place.